Hoo N'tha Fukk R YOU?

It is our pleasure to present sum'n new for ya noggin!

Fresh baked goods on Ropeadope Records!!!

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THE PLAYERS on Hoo N'tha Fukk R YOU?

Dan Kay
Jay Armant
Sean Okaguchi
Fernando Pullum

Kenny Olson
Ben Kishaba
John Bigham

Lonnie Marshall

John "Wet Daddy" Steward

Norwood Fisher
"Bronx Style" Bob Khaleel
Jeff Papes - RIP
Amee Jana
Garrett Shider
Teia "Tee Rex" Ricketts
Renette Jobston

Andy Kravitz

Chuck Boogie
Eric Mayron

Head Nut Norwood Fisher

Highly Skilled Players:

Amee Jana, AmpFIiddler, Angelo Moore, Anne D'Agnillo, Anthony Brewster, Arik Marshall, Audra Nishita (Cunningham), Billy Bass (Parliament/Funkadelic), Black Eyed Peas, Bob Forrest, Bob horn section, Bronx Style Bob, Byron West, Chris Warren, D.H. Peligro, Danielle M Mays, Dayle Gloria, DeWayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight (Parliament/Funkadelic), Dirty Walt (Fishbone), Dix Denny, Double G (Dakah), Dre Gipson (Fishbone / Kanswer) keys, Durga McBroom, Edwin Birdsong, Keytar, Eliza James, Esthero (solo artist) vocals, Fanny Franklin, Fish (Fishbone), Flea (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Fuzzbee Morse, Gabe Gonzilla Gonzalez, George Clinton (Parliament / Funkadelic), Greg Bell, Hawaiian Lyon, Vocals, HR (Bad Brains) vocals, Jack Irons (Pearl Jam) drums, James Grey (four19 / the degenerators), drums, bass, JD Shultz, Jeff Sylvanus, Jellybean, Jilly Crenshaw, Jimmy Sloan (Groove Divinities) guitar, Joey Williams (Blind Boys of Alabama) guitar, John Andrew Parks (country singer)vocals, John A. Bigham, John Frusciante, John "Musclemouth" Lugo, John O'Brien, John "WetDaddy" Steward (Fishbone), Jon McKnight (Fishbone) keys, Jai Bolden Four19 / The Degenerators, Keefus, Keith Chapman, Keith Morris, Khaleel, Kim Manning (George Clinton) vocals, Kristian Hall, drums, Kristian Vaigard, (RHCP)vocals, Lonnie Marshall (Weapon Of Choice), Major Tom Tritt (Indofrumba) guitar, Mary Harris, Master Jason Chang, keys, MC5 , Michael "Clip" Payne (Parliment/Funkadelic), Nerd Nate, vocals, Overton Loyd (Parliment/Funkadelic), percussionist Ravi, Phil "Philharmonic" Cheval, Prince, Rocky George (Fishbone / Suicidal Tendencies), Roger Dexter, Sal Marquez (Zappa / mothers of invention) trumpet, Sam Cunningham (Stop, Revolt.) drums, Soul Brains, formerly Bad Brains, Spacy T, Stick 3x, bass, Street Walkin' Cheetahs, Terrez Lee, The Untouchables, Thelonius Monster, Tim Alexander (Primus) drums, Tori Ruffin (FishboneThe Time Freak Juice) guitar, Vicky Calhun, (RHCP)vocals, Walter "Dirty Walt" Kibby, Wayne Kramer, Wendell Rogers, Zach Irons (Jack's 14 yr old son and prodigy) guitar

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3568 shows

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